Vision Impaired Day Sandown 2023


Part of the furniture
Lions Club of Warrandyte run a day for vision impaired and blind people to drive cars around Sandown with instructors for guidance. We get to give people joy rides around the car park and on the track when the VIPs are having a break.

My first customer for the day, didn't go for a ride, just sat for a few seconds.


Weather was a bit iffy, drizzle, then fine, everyone enjoyed themselves.


Bit of a squirt around the track a few times was fun, ended up doing a total of 166 klms just at the track and carpark.


Classic cars and racecars too.


These sounded really nice at full noise going past me up the back straight.


A few spyders and solos as well. Mine was the only outfit. A good day. Cheers.



Getting the hang of it
OMG! Black labs! Love the little rascals. We are on our second one, about 15 months old! 🐶

Good on you guys, looks like a lot of fun. I hope everyone had a great time. :)
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