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Re: Kerrisdale Mountain Railway Social....Sun 23. May, 12 noon

Great to hear that everyone had a good time :clap:

And Christ, it WAS bloody cold at times! I really only thawed out nipping down Bald Spur from the Kinglake Ridge on the way home.

But then, there were the blue skies at the start...Beale Ave was a breeze with a little haze over Melbourne CBD.


The climb into the bush at Hazeldene turned out fairly corrugated, then smooth sailing at a good clip past #1Camp. A glimpse between the trees showed a blanket of "cottonwool" in the valleys, Murchison Gap was right on the edge with the wispy cloud chasing through the road cutting.


Into the muck at Strath Creek and along Parrot Creek the hands nearly fell off the bars, the wet fog at just about freezing temps found its way into every nook+cranny.

Warming up the "Kerrisdale Flyer":wink:


The "Mini-Willos" didn't need much convincing to climb into the captains'-seat,
Playing trains at a grand scale.:woot:



The wonderful world of steam machinery, I just wished they'd had a leak to warm those still-numb fingers.






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Re: Kerrisdale Mountain Railway Social....Sun 23. May, 12 noon

Engineer, welder, fixer, fireman, engine driver, dreamer, living history-book...:clap:


....and the kid soaks it up like a sponge!


Fog lifting in patches, even a golden hillside in the distance.
Nice views from the top-station-come-farm museum on the ridge.


Then the workshop doors open for a look at the "Magnificent Douglas", the home-built-from-scratch pride and joy of the whole Kerrisdale railway venture.


Only twin-headed, 10-handed Tassies need to apply...


Serious kit...
Got chain, who brings the oil-can?


Finally some serious sunshine on the King Parrot backroad and the dogleg into the back of a Harley-infested Flowerdale pub....the tassels+tattoo-crowd fell silent at Goodie's little XT chugger. :bs



Bald Spur had a few moments, the greenery has been narrowing the track a fair bit, the ruts are bone-dry and full of deep,loose gravel and it was busy with a surprising number of 4B's coming up.

Goodie scored a 5kg bag of new-season apples picked Saturday at that little Orchard road stall
taking the sealed option to not turn it into apple sauce on the way home.

What a great day out, enjoyed every minute of it.
Thanks to all!!


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Re: Kerrisdale Mountain Railway Social....Sun 23. May, 12 noon

Great to catch up with you all..

Very pissed off I missed the train trip, but that was my fault totally.. (good reason to head back up there one day)

Dim and I went and had lunch next to the Goulburn, bit of a walk around Yea and then all the way over to Mt Macedon to watch the sunset..

Would have love to be on the bike but it was a great day to be driving a convertible with heated seats...

Magic hour on Mt Macedon, it really was that colour


....and don't mention heated seats....


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@ Marty

Just before we all left the railway place, I'd checked on the origin of the trackwork and some historic salt-mine/ salt-pan "2mins from my place" was mentioned.
Didn't get the name...but I guess the salt-works are something different nowadays, maybe an estate/ sports facility or something?

Where was it?
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