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Early ride as Lynne is off caching with Derek. Reefton and Black spur, home by 10, just starting to get warm. Nice to go for a ride and nothing falls off. Either me or bits of the bike. Even got a nod from a motorcycle cop on the Black spur, wonders will never cease.


Mapping the next ride...
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Smart move going anti clockwise that time of day ;)

Also back by 10 here after an early start linking some of our usual pushy-loops.
Dead-quiet until ~ 9.30 out there.



Mapping the next ride...
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Who says this is a motorcycle site?
Lets go blackwater rafting...

Marty, Tassie-Dave + Latte-Dave to the right, Goodie grinning on the left....and some poor bastard's gum boot in the middle... all they found of him :bs
AT-rides sure are something else!

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