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Mapping the next ride...
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Bryce Canyon, Utah

Stumping gravel tracks....and stumping vistas


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Mapping the next ride...
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just WOW....

pics can't even show half of it...this is adv-travel Mecca
Add a half day of sublime gravel tracks through breathtaking scenery to EITHER end of the ~100km of the Old Dunstan, which by itself comes in 2 parts, stitched together by some good farm roads.

Or enter it about half-way via more stumping gravel from the south or north. Otago is one hell of a place!

Another pic from another ride, this time local.

A day-bimble around Murchison, Vic



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I still remember that day in NZ like it was yesterday. Start the morning with the ride up Danseys Pass to the Danseys Pass hotel. A flat tyre on the BMW in Naseby. Lunch in a park in Alexandra, the easy farm lands and billabongs followed by the rough section of Dunstans' Track, and completing with a lifetime of stories about the Clarkes Junction Hotel.
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