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What a beautiful day it was today in Melbourne. Temps forecast to get up into the mid 20s. Not a cloud in the sky. Recently most of my days off work have been miserable, so I didn't want to miss an opportunity for a good ride.

After an almost traffic free run up the Black Spur, I was out through Marysville and heading towards Cambarville. After seeing the "Big Culvert" signs dozens of times over the past 30 or so years since the first time I rode through here, I decided today was the day to stop and see what this big culvert was all about.




After Cumberland Jucntion I was on the dirt. The Warburton - Woods Point road was in great condition. I don't think i've ever come through here so early in the season. The road was lovely and flat, smooth, well packed, hardly any dust, and best of all, hardly any traffic. I saw one car between Cumberland Junction and Woods Point.


An opportunity to tear up the tarmac. The secret racetrack.



Another benefit of coming so soon after winter, there are still running waterfalls on the road edge.


Woods Point is still a sleepy town.


Obligatory photo at the old servo. The first time I came through this road was about 30 years ago as a passenger in a 4WD Troopy. The petrol station was still serving fuel back then.

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The road was almost as quiet between Woods Point and Kevington, with only 2 or 3 cars travelling in the other direction. Other than that I had the road to myself.


There are lots of huts hidden in the hills around the towns here, and lots of nasty looking "KEEP OUT" signs.


I was hoping to have lunch at the Kevington hotel, but upon arrival it seems only to be open for meals on Friday and Saturdays now. I skooted into Jamieson to check out my options. There was a cafe doing a roaring trade, and there was the pub. I was the only customer when I went into the bar at 12:30pm. The beer was cold, and the burgers were massive. It's a really nice spot to have a meal. A very modern pub, considering the condition of most others around here.



I took the Eildon Jamieson road back west. I keep forgetting how good this road is. I reckon it's probably one of the best roads in Victoria.

I came across this fallen tree but wasn't able to move it out of the lane.


No dirty chicken strips left on the tyres after 50km of relentless cornering.


I was going to head straight back down the hwy to Melbourne, but I took the Wangregaren Road and then on a whim I turned down Scrubby Creek Road, and then Black Range Road. After about 25km of these beautiful forest roads, I realised I didn't really have a plan, and I was going to start pushing the boundaries of my tank. I headed to Glenburn, and as it turned out the low fuel light turned on just as I stopped at the fuel bowser.


And back to home.
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A second (and more leisurely look)...

That was quite a loop!
Great to see the pics, too.
Seems like A1 mine is still/ again? going. looking at the pallets of stuff there.
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