Narby quicky.


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Had a couple of hours to spare and wanted to check out some roads/tracks around Narby I had not been on for a while.

Lovely road in quite good condition.


It would be great to say I just popped the front wheel up and over this small log, but no one would believe me. On an angle, by myself, old man, I walked it over. :cautious:


It got quite foggy coming back to Toolangi. Cooled down a bit as well.


These threads seem to now have a photo of a flower. Done.


Colour better suits the brand of bike.


Look at linking something together, then going across to Kinglake way. Glitch can lead us up Captain's Creek track. He seemed to like that road.


Mapping the next ride...
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Had some pretty speccy light conditions there, sweet pics!

Agree with the log-hopping comment :)
I'll leave Captains Creek alone for a few months... maybe have another look towards the end of summer once the "Parks" boys had the grader through.
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