Jamieson to Yarram

Sir Francis

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When Mr Fish swapped onto my 1150GSA for the bitumen run along the Grand Ridge Road I'm pretty sure he found the electronics confronting....after a 5 minute session of him setting the 1200GSA up for me, all I could offer was "turn key to the right. press start". :killingme

We waved good-bye to Doug above Warragul and made for a lunch date in Gembrook.

Mr Fish and I decided to run into the evening for the valley so as to avoid the 40 plus temps predicted for Friday.

Gemrbook to Warbuton to Narbethong to Alexandra.



A dirt cut through to Bonnie Doon and a fast run back to the valley.


Trip distance: 1,013km for me.


Mapping the next ride...
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Stop when lost. Take photos of your bike.

Swear at Mr Fish's GPS. Stop at first opening. U-turn. :killingme

We made bitumen at Boolara then raced to the Mirboo North bakery to see if the best items were still kept on the bottom shelf. :whistle:

Sounds like a great weekend!

Fish's BM must be that new 1250GS BOTOX-Adventure
....that thing loks like someone shoved an airline up the bum and forgot to turn off the compressor for a week
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