Great River Road Beer Run

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Gotta say it's been a damn long time since my last ride review post, let's see if I can remember how...:rolleyes:

Much hullabaloo and official announcements two plus years ago resulted in this...(NB: completion date. Works are still underway).



Now don't expect too much given Towong Shire is 13 years into their 15 year development plan of Bellbridge and we have only just this month got a coffee van part time on the foreshore...


1st new lookout.


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Lake Hume is full. They've had it bouncing between 97-99% trying to manage flooding downstream of Albury.

Approx. 25km up river from the wall.


Such as sad story for the owners. Bought the pub and renovated through the fires. Continued reno and finally opened in late 2020. Great food, beautiful space it was becoming a destination. Now closed and up for sale.



Next stop.


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Mapping the next ride...
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Much hullabaloo and official announcements two plus years ago resulted in this...(NB: completion date. Works are still underway).

So....$5million for a ute full of pretty, arty signs, a few lookouts....and a temp coffee van (paying concession$ for the privilege, no doubt)

Along a road that's been there for the last 30+ years.
What a cracker of a bargain!


More seriously though, what a bloody shame to hear about the Granya Pub!!
They should've sunk some of the 5mio into that one instead!

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Next - what's known as Pedro's Monument.



I should explain, Pedro is not a cow. He is one of the more prominent local Ducati riders. The monument is just on 60km from central Albury and the turn around point for most Ducati club long rides... :ROFLMAO:

Closing in on the turn-off to Jingellic.




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When not clouded over (I'd left home around 9am and it was still very dull/overcast) the hills are vibrant green right now.





COVID has seen a resurgence of community libraries in the north east.

Excluding the one conveniently obscured by a large boat 300m from my house, this is my local. It just happens to be a 200km return trip along the River Rd or bouncing up n back over the gaps. ;)


Hey honey, I'm just taking a bike to return to a book to library....

Again? Didn't you only go to library last weekend? You sure are reading a lot these days....

Me: :whistle:

Anyone else remember when these were new?

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I turned off the GRR at Tintaldra.

The old dear who had been scamming the gullible with her $15 nescafe instant coffee and microwave scones since the general store and tea rooms opened in 1864 has moved on. The shop remains closed.

The most recent owners took possession of the pub just in time for the January 2020 fires that decimated the north east where almost everything from Granya to the coast burnt. During the fires and in the months that followed the pub catered for much of the community offering free food and access to showers for anyone who needed it. The broader community kicked in with cash donations, services, produce, whatever they could offer.

It's awesome to see that in some instances the good guys can still win out.


Having survived the fires and COVID and more amazingly the usually local government obstructions, the pub remains open and is thriving.

Full reno. New kitchen. Good food. Happy days. :2thumbs-up:




Freedom Bridge.



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The climb up from Tooma.

Tooma Pub is for sale. I think it is closed.


The distant Snowies will have to wait a few more days.


Tumbarumba towards Batlow.

This is all that remains of the Sugar Pines.



Down the hill to the excuse for today's ride.


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The run for home.

Tumba towards Jingellic.


Now proudly offering great coffee (also recent minor reno and revamp).


I followed the GRR back to the Lake House.

460km in 6.5 hours including stops. Motorcycling is a delight when the good riding starts at the end of your driveway :cool:
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