Berlin or Dust - we did it again


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No rain? The skies look dark enough in some of the shots for a bit of a shower here or there.
No rain for the whole time. Some clouds looked quite rainy but everything was fine.

An in that rush to Greifswald you would have gone juuust past Goodie's birth-place, Guetzkow.
Had to look up Guetzkow. Up to now I had no idea of that place. Yes we passed quite close to it. ...north we are going.:)


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The next morning we headed for the island Ruegen. From Greifswald it's only a short trip to catch the ferry in Stahlbrode. If you have time you should use the farmroads. We caught the evil eye from some bikers who waited in the queue with the cars when we passed to the front. Barbara and Hölli are used to italian traffic and if I would have waited at the end they would have thought German bikers are stupid. So we passed all and waited at the front warmly welcomed by the ferryman.
2022-07-09 Karte.JPG
2022-07-09_01 Fähre (1).JPEG

Ruegen is earning its money with tourism and agriculture. So it was easy to use farmroads to reach our first destination Putbus. This small town has a quite unique square called the "Circus".
2022-07-09_02 Kenedi.jpg

2022-07-09_04 Kenedi.jpg2022-07-09_05 Ruegen.JPEG

We reached Putbus and went into the "Rosencafé" for a break. A nice place which we really recommend!
2022-07-09_07 Kenedi.jpg

Putbus and its circus.
2022-07-09_Ostseeperlen_Kenedi (18).jpg

And then off to the next touristic destination.....


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From Putbus we crossed over to the East coast of Ruegen - to Prora.
Compared to other places which we visited on this trip Prora has a short history, it started in 1936. The English Wikipedia article is here the German which has more details is here
To tell it short it was a project of Nazi-Germany. At this beautiful beach the good citizens should spent affordable vacations, everything would have been organized by the party regime. It is more or less one building complex which runs for 4.5 km. 10.000 hotel rooms was the idea. It never started due to WW II. In 1945 the Soviet Army took over the buildings, later the German Democratic Army. Nowadays it is in the the hands of capitalism at least two third of the whole complex.
It is interesting to see just by the size and the different states of collapse and resurrection.

Situated at a beautiful beach.

2004 looks better than it was.

2019 after it was sold in small portions to private investors.

We used the entrance of the construction company and walked around.
2022-07-09_08 Prora (1).jpg

2022-07-09_08 Prora (2).jpg

2022-07-09_08 Prora (3).jpg

After Prora we left ruegen passed beautiful Stralsund - the gateway to Ruegen. Pete knows it probably better than the rest of us.
On small roads we headed for Marlow South-West of Stralsund. After Marlow we looked for the Autobahn to reach Wismar and our hotel.


Mapping the next ride...
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Well a big thank goes to Barbara!

Loving this Ride Report :clap:


E.M. Arndt...had to look it up as it had struck a bell...yes, the face on the postal stamp!
Prora....what a weird place, eh?
We'd seen a Docu on Utube some time ago and sort of knew about the place, but to see the size of it in real life was an eye-popper.
Ugly as sin, too.

More great shots!! :2thumbs-up:
Where to next?


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Thanks. the story of Prora is a really interesting bit of history.
Yeah that is true. I stepped per chance into Prora in 1990. We had the first summer "scouting" journey along the Baltic Sea after the citizen of the GDR pushed their government into the dust of the history. I found it so interesting that I visited the place everytime I went to Ruegen.
Where to next?
It is coming to an end. In Wismar is the last hotel then it is back to the trailer.
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