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How to post pics?

There are multiple choices and ways.

1) use the attachment button below your reply-text box
2) use the "insert-image" button from the toolbar above your reply-text box. Make sure to point your cursor at the location you want the pic to appear FIRST! Then insert the image as either thumbnail or full-sized.
Drag and drop the file or browse to the location of the file on your device.
3) use the "insert-image" button from the toolbar above your reply-text box and click the small "LINK" icon to link to an external picture source like your Flickr, Smugmug, Photobucket, Dropbox etc. account.

Google Pics have proven a never-ending source of frustration as Google keeps shifting the goalposts and linked pictures are often only visible for a few hours or days before vanishing, as Google has changed or blocked access again.

Is there a size limit to the pictures I post?

Principally not. Your photos will be resized during upload to keep the stored size manageable.
This is also necessary to reduce pics to a viewable size on the screen without the need for scrolling.

Why can a member be banned ?

Staff/moderators will try to MODERATE as best as possible, but continued foul language and/or aggressive, offensive behavior will see a user temporarily or permanently banned.

How can I use the pm (Personal Message) function?

Just click the name/ avatar of the member you want to contact, then choose the "Start Conversation" button in the box that appears.

Why was my thread or post deleted?
Because it either contained language, material or attitude that is unwanted on this site. No problems with some deft language...but we try to keep it clean.

How do I make a signature and what's allowed in it?

Log in and click on your name, then the "Signature" link in the dropbox. Enter your text (and/ or link to a personal site or blog) and click "Save" at the bottom of the page.
Max. 2 lines,.
Graphics/ pics/gifs etc are not accepted in signatures as they don't add real content, only cluttering up threads.

Why is the time wrong and how do I change it?

Click your user name once logged in and choose "Preferences", set your time-zone and save on exit.

How do I subscribe to a thread?

At the top of each thread (and page of the thread) is a "Watch" button. Chose your preferences and save.

Why didn't I get the confirmation/activation email after signing up?

Most likely you have set up a spam-filter either via your server, work place system or your own system.
Please adjust to allow the activation email to pass through. Otherwise please contact one of the AusTouring staff.

How come I can't login and my account has vanished?

Most likely, your account was deleted due to a long period of inactivity. Unlike most other forums out there, AusTouring does NOT carry advertising and does not have "to prove it's worth" with a high number of inactive/ unused/ old member accounts.
Accounts that have been dormant (rarely logged in to/never posted etc) for extended periods, are routinely deleted.
Any posts are kept under a "guest" heading.
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