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Re: Disc O Dazzler ride

Good stuff Paul. Been following these vids with a very wide green streak of envy.

How about you consolidate these vids in a single thread? That way we can find 'em a bit easier, if / when we wanna review them.

Thanks for the kind comments and encouragement Willo :D

I might do that before I post my next vid ( I,ve one up my sleeve) :wink:


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Re: Border Bubble Buster

Border Bubble Buster - A trip into the "Border Bubble" around the QLD/NSW border during CV19.

Thanks for sharing Paul. I'm expecting you will be hosting a few rides for us southern AusTourers if/when we get a chance soon to back up in them parts.

Just don't forget to scout some ST friendly routes.


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A ride to Bungdoozle....LOVE that name!! :bs

One of them days, of them days you've gotta show me Bungdoozle!
Would LOVE to see some more and BIGGER!!! pics (now we can embed them here!)
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